Chillout Music — Late Night Work — Chill Mix Part 2

    Why do people prefer to work at night and how does it affect our brain? In the “Late Night Work” playlist we’ve already mentioned how music is overall a much better human productivity stimulant than mainstream caffeine. Music can bring huge doses of dopamine and cortisol into our body, enough for an efficient late night working session. Isn’t it harmful for the state of health in general to lead an owl lifestyle though?
    Scientists claim that night owls don’t tend to receive such extreme doses of cortisol in the morning as early birds which helps them to keep the mood relatively calm all day. That’s a huge benefit when it comes to long-term job assignments. Not to mention that owl-type people are statistically more intelligent, creative and effective than those active in the morning only. Night owls remain mentally alert for a much longer period of time after waking than their early bird counterparts do.
    Add a perfectly composed playlist to everything mentioned above to go through a late-night working session with the best possible outcomes. Let these chill tracks, calm and rather melancholic melodies and beats be a great trigger for your brain activity. Are there a lot of night owls among our listeners? Comment down below!

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    Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
    Style: Chillout
    Mood: Night, Inspiring, Calming
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics, No vocals

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Echo – Evocativ
    ► 05:30 Butterflies – Rameses B
    ► 08:48 Empty – Lux Natura
    ► 13:08 Let the calm wash over you – Asterisms & Bijou
    ► 18:27 End – Amoeba
    ► 21:21 Dislocation – Soular Order
    ► 26:05 Hope – Ferven
    ► 29:40 Ice On The Windowsill – Teen Daze
    ► 33:47 Papier-Mache – Michael FK
    ► 37:31 Journey – Diversity Of Silence
    ► 41:21 Dawn – Hiatus
    ► 45:03 Seed – Lasers
    ► 47:18 Okoto – Gotswim feat MoonRacerPro
    ► 51:25 Habitat – Jellis
    ► 55:06 How Sweet The Day – Notion
    ► 1:00:20 Nivalis – Dominik Landahl
    ► 1:03:43 Clam – Aaron Schäfer
    ► 1:06:44 Back To You – Shook
    ► 1:11:48 St Catherines – Solace
    ► 1:16:47 Attraction – Michael FK

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