Chillout Music — Late Night Work — Chill Mix

    Does your body benefit from multiple coffee cups when you have to pull an all-nighter? And how music can be an effective means to refresh oneself while working deep into the night?
    It’s not news that brain activity declines when it’s time to sleep and many people find it hard to concentrate and do any kind of work. If some crunch can’t be avoided, they just drink one cup of coffee after another trying not to doze off at the keyboard. In fact, caffeine is deemed addictive to many and over all the effects time loses. It also may have a negative influence on your health and lead to anxiety or sleeping disorders. Whereas listening to the music you like which is not loud or agitated may result in releases of dopamine – hormone promoting feelings of happiness and excitement.
    So, this late-night playlist is exactly what you may start with to experience all the benefits of music during long working sessions. It is composed of the chillout tracks with a specific purpose. These calm and rather melancholic melodies and beats will be helpful independently in addition to a cup of coffee if you still can’t give up this favorite companion of yours. Add some extra flavor and pleasant late-night vibes to your work with us.

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    Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
    Style: Chillout
    Mood: Night, Inspiring, Calming
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics, No vocals

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Staying – Koda
    ► 04:32 Nanobyte Honour – Willer Oliveira
    ► 10:11 Kala Patthar – Oopo & Mike Ryder
    ► 14:11 Inside Ocean – Mloski
    ► 19:40 Third – Hiatus
    ► 24:25 Underwater Eden – Stiles
    ► 28:34 Believe – Eric Rigo & Mallive
    ► 32:12 Sworn – Kazukii
    ► 36:32 Answers – Chillmott & BabyGee
    ► 39:50 Without Light – Osk
    ► 43:44 Eve – Polyphony
    ► 48:25 Miss Those Days – Wolftek & Nori
    ► 53:01 Ethos – Canoo
    ► 58:10 A Caneta Caiu No Chao Da Afonso Pena – Barulhista
    ► 1:02:37 Border – Kasseo
    ► 1:07:11 NTC – Rouftop
    ► 1:10:59 Missing You – 4lienetic
    ► 1:14:36 Abuse – Manu Shrine & Denis Zyryanov
    ► 1:17:46 Eternity – Re-Think & Margo Elena
    ► 1:23:00 One For U – Moonkay
    ► 1:24:50 Hope – Chaos
    ► 1:28:48 The Moon and Me – Noahs Boat & Ghost Dust

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