Chillout Music To Stay At Home — Cozy Mix

    Can music relieve symptoms of depression? Or help you get weight off your shoulders when you come home after a hard-working day?

    Science says yes. Although there is still much discussion on what kind of music can be more beneficial, in general scientists agree that listening to slow musical beats can have an uplifting effect on your mood and even induce a meditative state. The process behind it is altering brainwave speed so that a person could feel a kind of therapeutic effect, the same as when you meditate in a cozy home atmosphere. If that is what you need right now, downtempo chillout tunes may be a perfect choice.

    Basically, Downtempo is a broad music genre that puts tone and atmosphere over structure or rhythm by using elements of Ambient.

    The comfortable and relaxing sounds of this aesthetic playlist will help you find peace and inner harmony. Forget everything bad that happened throughout the day and take a break from all the problems with this cozy chillout mix.

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    Genre: Electronic music
    Style: Chillout
    Mood: Calming, Peaceful, Inspiring
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Yours – 4lienetic, Madi Larson
    ► 04:39 Shearwater – Rachel Lynn
    ► 10:07 Mortenzen – Aile
    ► 14:04 Taiga – Ptr
    ► 17:34 The Pain Withheld – RIT feat LuQuS
    ► 21:28 Wanderlust – AK
    ► 25:20 1995 – Affinity
    ► 29:09 Its Not A Cruel Trick / Goryu – Liino Xo
    ► 32:32 Fluctuant – AK
    ► 35:52 Jellis & Reborn – Subsets
    ► 39:51 We’re Older Now – AK
    ► 43:42 Violets & Roses – AK
    ► 46:57 Who Would Have Known – AK
    ► 50:17 The Friendly Falling Rain – Poolz
    ► 55:04 Lozette et Nieu – Poolz
    ► 59:52 voice of reason – Underscores
    ► 1:03:46 Buildthings l Warm Shower – Ray Markham
    ► 1:08:20 Time We Lost – Kazukii
    ► 1:12:21 Sae it – VonnBoyd
    ► 1:15:37 Running Out – Direct
    ► 1:19:00 They Will Come Back – The Ambientalist
    ► 1:22:14 Calmness – Freak

    📷 Image author
    Alexandre Zveiger

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