Dark Programming Music — Space Energy — Future Garage Mix

    Is music capable of making you psychologically levitate?

    There is a long chain of inferences that may draw you to a positive answer. To start with, one recent study in neuroscience shows that only about 5% (or less) of our brainpower is devoted to conscious, volitional thought. The other 95% (the subconscious part) operates behind the scenes.

    At the same time, it is a science-backed fact that some kinds of music can improve your mood by affecting your subconsciousness. So, the question is what levels of mood one can experience while listening to quality music.

    It seems that everything depends on the music and your perception of it. You may just cheer up and thus recover after a long day full of problems and anxiety. Or you may actually feel how some astounding and magnetic sounds make you lighter and drive you far away into a dream world against gravity force. The choice is up to you. But what we advise is our future garage mix. Plentiful entrancing melodies and incredible broken beats, complex drums, distant echoes of dark atmosphere bring a feeling of total oneness.

    Tracks in this playlist make you scan the five senses passing through the nerves. You abstract yourself from this physical world, become more and more conscious, and finally turn to the non-physical, ethereal. Isn’t that a sort of levitation?

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    Genre: Electronic music
    Style: Future Garage
    Mood: Inspiring, Motivating, Night, Future, Energy, Space, Cyber
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Azaleh, Atlas – 100 Day Delay
    ► 04:30 4Lienetic – Far Off
    ► 08:43 Athene – Panalour
    ► 12:18 Blaudiss – From The Ashes
    ► 17:36 Outrun – Rituals
    ► 21:39 Andy Leech – Black Orchid
    ► 26:10 Oscuro – More Of Your Love
    ► 29:21 Grandyzer – Mantra
    ► 35:26 Lazarus Moment – New World
    ► 41:58 Kazukii – Pull
    ► 45:33 4th Front – For Us
    ► 50:22 Vonnboyd – Discover
    ► 54:42 Michael FK, Faodail – Holding Back
    ► 58:45 Outlier – State of Being
    ► 1:03:30 4Lienetic – Med Kit
    ► 1:06:51 Arven XXVI – Promise
    ► 1:11:09 Andy Leech – Nightfall
    ► 1:15:58 Monomi – Lucid Love
    ► 1:19:04 AEndrah – Ckapnati
    ► 1:22:25 Cotchi – Sonder
    ► 1:28:50 Almost Vanished – Libertas

    📷 Image author
    The Inky
    #FutureGarage #CodeMusic #ProgrammingPlaylist

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