Future Garage Mix — Sleepless Nights — Moving Music

    What is harmony in music?

    Harmony is two or more notes played together at the same time. As soon as there is more than one pitch sounding at a time, you have harmony. Even if nobody is actually playing chords, or even if the notes are part of independent contrapuntal lines, you can hear the relationship of any notes that happen at the same time, and it is this relationship that makes the harmony.
    But the concept of harmony in music theory generally refers to building chords, chord qualities, and chord progressions.
    Harmony strictly applies to pitched instruments, so clapping and stomping at the same time won’t create a harmony.
    You might associate harmonies with vocals, but they can be produced on all multi-pitched instruments – guitars, synths, pianos – or a combination of single-pitched instruments playing different notes at the same time, like two people singing together.
    From chart-topping R&B songs to folky acoustic tracks to orchestral works, harmony is a central element of just about everything.
    Building music through solid and engaging harmonies is a vital skill for anyone who wants to create music.

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    Genre: Electronic Music
    Style: Future Garage
    Mood: Motivating, Night, Future, Energy
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 0:00:00 Moon – In The Sky
    ► 0:03:40 Azaleh – What Still Remains
    ► 0:07:36 Almost Vanished – Altitude
    ► 0:11:34 Code Of Kassilid – Black Whisper
    ► 0:14:30 Neskre – Saviour
    ► 0:18:22 Eonika – Glow
    ► 0:21:15 Linear Curb – Menagerie
    ► 0:25:44 Twisted Psykie – Agony
    ► 0:30:54 Saypex – Infinity
    ► 0:36:06 Meanderman – What You Want
    ► 0:41:09 AK, Sublab – Adore
    ► 0:44:30 Seanine – Flavour
    ► 0:47:56 Moon – Go Away
    ► 0:51:17 Phelian, Oglak – Broken
    ► 0:57:20 Randloev – Thoughts
    ► 1:03:36 Rhekluse – Life Without Fire
    ► 1:08:17 Kip Clerk – Don’t Stay Here
    ► 1:11:42 Closure, Subsets – Inside
    ► 1:15:01 4Lienetic – Osiris

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