Inspirational Music For Creative People — Chillout Mix

    How does listening to music affect our creativity?

    Researchers may not have a definitive answer yet, however, it is certain that listening to music brings your mood up. And this alone is a good marker of improving so-called divergent thinking – the cognitive capacity to come up with original ideas. Divergent thinking is arguably the foundation of all things creative. After all, the ability to switch between different concepts and perspectives, rather than seeing the problem from a rigid point of view, is profound and powerful.

    So we took this theory to heart and made a special Chillout playlist. It will help you look at familiar things from another angle to abstract yourself from everyday problems and focus solely on art. This playlist consists of pretty uplifting tracks, aimed to help you set yourself in the right state of mind. Make art while listening to our music for a surge of inspiration.

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    Genre: Electronic music, Chillout music
    Style: Downtempo
    Mood: Inspiring, Calming, Peaceful
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics, No vocals

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Plumeria – Faodail
    ► 03:31 Standing Together – AK
    ► 07:15 Staring At The Sun – LuQu
    ► 12:07 Bleed – Grandyzer
    ► 17:06 Dawning by Heartmath – HamiltonX
    ► 21:46 Days Of Wonder – Clemens Ruh
    ► 25:37 Timeless – Askery & mood
    ► 28:39 Overcast – Wiljan
    ► 32:42 Fading Light – Hyphex
    ► 36:52 Halving The Compass – Helios
    ► 42:01 Her Look To Me – Sun Glitters & Sara
    ► 47:25 Easy Steps – Echo Grid
    ► 52:57 There’s Always Tomorrow – Cold Friction
    ► 56:46 Synesthesia – Michael FK
    ► 1:00:51 Wondering what will happen – Petroll
    ► 1:05:16 She Spends Her Mornings – Mvnners
    ► 1:08:54 Fond of you – Mvnners
    ► 1:13:40 Blue Sky Fish – Starlit Everglade

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