Music for Creatives — Inspirational Music — Future Garage Playlist

    What is divergent thinking and what it has to do with music?

    Creativity is not reserved for artists and geniuses alone. Modern science suggests that we all have the cognitive capacity to come up with original ideas—something researchers call divergent thinking.

    A new study found that listening to “happy” music — defined as tunes that were upbeat and stimulating — helped people perform better on tasks that involved divergent thinking, which is basically coming up with new, outside-the-box ideas or strategies, a core component of creativity.

    Why does happy music stimulate thinking differently? Right now we can only speculate. One theory put forward in the study is that the stimulating nature of lively music energizes the brain in ways that promote a flexible thinking style. There are other theories. Research has shown that listening to music can lower anxiety and improve mood, and these shifts could facilitate creative insights. If someone is anxious, this anxiety tends to cause a person to focus and stress more, which is not helpful.

    So if you’re stuck on a problem and you’re looking for creative inspiration, taking a break to listen to music or engage in idle mind wandering may allow the brain the freedom it needs to dredge up new ideas or insights.
    With that knowledge in mind, enjoy yourself while listening to our future garage music playlist. It is a perfect start for a productive day, full of novelty and discoveries, and a great help to anybody stuck on a creative task. Tune in, chill out and enjoy the music!
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    Genre: Chillout, Electronic Music
    Style: Future Garage, 2-step
    Mood: Inspiring, Future, Cyber
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Cubist – A Distance Away
    ► 03:43 Anfield – Places We’ve Never Been
    ► 08:01 E.lemental – Final Fall
    ► 11:31 E.lemental – Leave Me
    ► 15:11 Hajimari, Enzalla – Sad Tune
    ► 19:32 Cube Face – Drop
    ► 24:07 Aether – Reverie
    ► 27:33 Alone, Anfield – Summer
    ► 33:47 CSH – Bucchange
    ► 40:53 AK – Everyday Issues
    ► 44:18 Blure, Stay – Melancholia De Las Mariposas
    ► 47:53 Great Skies – Shadows & Waves
    ► 52:07 Faodail – Far From Anyone
    ► 56:36 Lazarus Moment – Morning Snow
    ► 1:03:12 Fyze – Forgotten
    ► 1:07:33 Whithe – November
    ► 1:12:40 Aether – Flower In Winter
    ► 1:16:23 Everbeat – Vik

    📷 Image author
    Eugene Pylinsky
    #InspiringElectronicMusic #CalmIdm #FutureGarage

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