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    Being nice, or being smart: What leads to success?

    A study has found that intelligence alone is a marker of success in the workplace with aspects like generosity and conscientiousness only having a small effect. Those with lower IQs are less consistent or able to predict the consequences of their actions, they said. Personality traits such as trust, generosity, agreeableness, and conscientiousness affected behavior but in smaller measures, and only initially.
    Researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Minnesota in the US and Heidelberg in Germany devised a series of strategy games to test cooperative behavior in social and workplace ­situations. Those with a higher IQ cooperated more and earned more money as part of the game.
    The study concluded that society is cohesive if people are smart enough to be consistent in their strategies and to foresee the consequences of their actions.
    Prof Eugenio Proto, of Bristol University, said: “People might naturally presume that people who are nice, conscientious, and generous are automatically more cooperative.
    “But intelligence is the primary condition for a socially cohesive, cooperative society. This scenario can be applied to the workplace. A good heart and behavior have an effect too but it’s transitory and small.”

    Clean, windy motives and glass-like beats played with deep bass will concentrate your mind. They’ll build your mental focus and bring you joy, satisfaction, and mindfulness. Take a minute to acknowledge, to be grateful for fresh air, and have a smooth evening with our productive future garage mix.

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    Genre: Downtempo
    Style: Chillstep, Future Garage
    Mood: Night, Future, Energy, Cyber
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Infinoise, Galaxytones – Andromeda
    ► 03:54 Nayd – Anemoi
    ► 06:49 Fermi – Lucid Flow
    ► 09:47 Vipz – Exultante
    ► 13:40 Forget – Subway Thoughts
    ► 18:00 Asyrion – Mothra
    ► 22:27 Lamliki – Isolation
    ► 25:19 Azaleh – Submerged
    ► 29:26 Suena – Echoes
    ► 33:18 Tranquil Trip – Asylum
    ► 37:14 Whithe, Subsets – Embers
    ► 41:19 Raincity – Perennial
    ► 44:09 Longinus – Indigo
    ► 47:27 Detz – Lost
    ► 51:03 591 – Damp
    ► 55:00 Loner – Genuine Empathy
    ► 58:02 Beifer – Blurred Thoughts
    ► 1:02:38 Vela – Continual Space
    ► 1:06:13 Synthetic Epiphany – Visiting Hours
    ► 1:10:06 Randloev – Out Of Touch
    ► 1:15:24 Cosmowave – Warmth

    📷 Image author
    Dangiuz (Leopoldo D’Angelo)

    #FutureGarage #CyberMusic #NightWorkMusic

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