Post-Apocalypse Music — Chill Healing Playlist + Hopeful Violin

    How does music help us to get through hard times?

    Most of us have a collection of songs and tunes that touch us strongly, attaching melodies, song lyrics to stories, and memorable moments of our lives. Even if you don’t play instruments you know a bunch of songs that are sure to lift you. The evidence of the benefits of listening to music is quite clear – in the past few decades, music therapy has played a significant role in all facets of healing.

    Researchers say that music was first found to be helpful in patients during operations in 1914 and since then several studies have investigated the effects of music on emotions, pain, and sensation. Types of music used in investigations were classical, instrumental, relaxing, or patient’s choice music. It is proven that satisfying music eases anxiety and discomfort during surgeries or unpleasant procedures. It helps to restore lost speech or lose stuttering – if patients start to sing their words instead of just saying them it activates the right brain hemisphere, enabling the speech centers once again. During physical rehabilitation music therapy enhances people’s physical, psychological, cognitive, and emotional functioning. Music therapy also decreases pain perception, reduces the amount of pain medication needed, helps relieve depression in pain patients, and gives them a sense of better control over their pain.

    During these uneasy events, we turn to music to heal our hearts and souls. This playlist has many tunes that feature wistful and hopeful violins for they always resonate with us deeply as we contemplate the hardships of the present and uncertainties of the future. Let’s do our best to make every tomorrow a little better. Stay safe.

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    Genre: Chillout music, Downtempo, Modern Classical
    Style: Chillout, Downtempo
    Mood: Sad, Lonely, Soothing
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Nomyn – Distance
    ► 03:55 Inhale – Midnight
    ► 07:47 Azaleh, Descant – Roadside
    ► 11:00 Kisnou, Vincent DiFrancesco – Muse
    ► 16:01 V.I.P.N – Rise
    ► 20:15 Dusk – Sky
    ► 25:38 AK – Tell Me
    ► 29:33 Yelsha – Hold On
    ► 33:22 Dawncall – Live
    ► 36:35 Inhale – Recall
    ► 40:15 Good Lee – Falling
    ► 44:56 Delectatio – Timeless
    ► 48:17 Vaeis Omar – Hold
    ► 51:07 4Lienetic – The Most Painful Goodbye
    ► 56:08 Shah – Solitude
    ► 59:23 Khaligo – Thus Far
    ► 1:04:26 Vincent DiFrancesco – Mountain And Me
    ► 1:09:47 Evocativ – Maia
    ► 1:12:47 Artificial Endorphins – Awaiting

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