Relaxing Mix — Chillout Night Vibes — Downtempo Music

    How does music help to regulate the levels of hormones in your body? In one study, researchers have recently found that listening to music is actually able to lower cortisol levels. This hormone is directly responsible for feelings of stress and anxiety. And what’s more, it triggers the release of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of happiness and excitement. It is totally irreplaceable while setting up the mood for night chill, an opposite of a busy day which probably didn’t go as well as it’d been planned.
    Some decent downtempo tracks will become a perfect transition from an overloaded day to evening relaxation. This music will certainly put you in the state of flow. Calm but not passive, it draws you in with firm drum lines and hugs you with warm, soft bass. It represents nostalgic sunsets and serenity of the clouds, the comfort of home and the vastness of outer space.
    So, go ahead and play, take an evening stroll, make a work of art, read a book that you wanted to read but haven’t had the time, or simply close your eyes and imagine fantastic worlds that only your mind can create. Enjoy the music and we will see you again at Music Lab.

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    Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
    Style: Chillhop, Chillout
    Mood: Inspiring, Calming, Peaceful
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: No vocals, Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Sendai data – Night
    ► 02:44 Femto – Glide
    ► 07:37 Evrdo – Today
    ► 11:20 LowXY – Never Be
    ► 14:51 BlauDisS – Words Fade
    ► 18:27 Corner Dweller – Void
    ► 23:24 Kazukii – Memories
    ► 26:15 Michael FK & Vesky – Lost In Your Memory
    ► 30:23 Jacoo – Medicine For Melancholy
    ► 33:38 Anna B May – Light Sadness
    ► 37:11 WMD – Coniferae
    ► 40:46 Mapps – Don’t You Dare
    ► 45:37 Caduceus – Grace
    ► 48:38 EvenS – Eyes Closed
    ► 51:42 Cosmowave – Relive
    ► 55:30 Kosh Anade – Debrah
    ► 1:00:50 Brombaer – Temple Stars
    ► 1:05:35 Ed Carlsen – Loom
    ► 1:09:58 Kazukii & Among The Others – Outlet
    ► 1:13:43 Greg McKay & Brock Hewitt – Change
    ► 1:16:59 Kisnou – Quietness
    ► 1:20:41 Justin Jet Zorbas – Leyuna

    📷 Image author
    Kiselev Andrey Valerevich

    #ChilloutMusic #RelaxMusic #ChillMusic

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