Replenish Energy — Relaxing Chill Music — Calm Soothing Playlist

    How to deal with city noise?

    To a certain degree, we’re all sensitive to noise. But sometimes noise can be extremely invasive, distressing, and overstimulating.

    Some people love making noise. There are cars with giant stereos or the guy a few doors up from us with a giant Harley that shakes the whole neighborhood when he starts it up. But there is also the general din from construction, from trucks and buses, from honking horns. All in all, we all contribute to the noise of city life because sound is the last thing we associate with pollution.

    Trying to fight the noise is unlikely to work. It is not going to go away because you don’t like it. Instead you can learn a couple of tricks to help you be above it.

    One of the first steps to beat anger and anxiety is mindfulness and meditation. A white noise machine or earplugs can help to muffle the sounds that have been bothering you. You could also listen to relaxing chillout music, rich with ambient sounds. Block the distractions by listening to this dreamy playlist. It’s hypnotic beats and swaying melodies will keep you soaring without snoring.

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    Genre: Electronic Music, Chillout Music
    Style: Chillout
    Mood: Calm, Peaceful, Inspiring, Soothing, Positive
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 AK – Euphoria
    ► 03:43 Nothing Ends – Homeward
    ► 06:52 Jacoo – Diving In The Sky
    ► 09:29 Caduceus – Lacuna
    ► 13:43 Blaudiss – Ever After
    ► 17:11 Subsets – Don’t Need You
    ► 22:39 WMD – Redolent
    ► 26:20 Petunie – Distant
    ► 28:24 Dream Dama – There Is A Stranger In The Mirror
    ► 31:02 Tulpa – Want U
    ► 35:07 Kazukii – Soul
    ► 38:40 Caduceus – Fragile
    ► 41:03 Forgotten Wolf – Missed Opportunities
    ► 45:46 Waterbucket – Days Without You Feel Like Months
    ► 49:33 P.thepi – Ask Me
    ► 52:53 Garrett Bevins – Inside Out
    ► 57:08 Beyond Black – Timeless
    ► 1:03:09 Michael FK – Nebula
    ► 1:11:10 Elevate – Close Your Eyes

    📷 Image author
    Hernan Sanchez

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