Smooth Downtempo Music — Chillout Mix for Work or Studying

    How to enhance brain activity during work?
    Even though work can be stressful or not particularly engaging sometimes, it doesn’t mean that it can’t bring joy and satisfaction, subsequently tricking your brain into prioritizing it. All you need is a little bit of focus, a pinch of commitment, and a sprinkle of inspiration. And a good playlist can help you with that. It is proven that music can help you to retain focus when your attention starts to fade away, it can make repetitive actions seem like less of a grind, and it can prepare your brain to tackle an otherwise daunting or difficult task.
    Sometimes you have to create your own fun. Even the most mundane task can become interesting if you put a little bit of creative effort into it. Your mind is a tool that gets dull if the task at hand is not stimulating enough.
    Be efficient and be smart, find an elegant solution to the task you are doing, and our handpicked playlist will hopefully help you with that.
    Our chill vibes will calm your mind and will make you think clearer. Remember that no job is too small, no task is too insignificant, surprise clients and employers with your efficiency.
    Love what you do and do what you love, and, as always, enjoy the music!

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    Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
    Style: Ambient, Chillout
    Mood: Smooth, Soothing
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics, No vocals

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Home (ft. Mapps) – AK
    ► 04:16 Stay – Amœba
    ► 09:23 Homebound – AK
    ► 12:42 Alpine Pass – Ptr
    ► 16:05 Morning Breeze – Nizar
    ► 19:47 Parachutes – 4lienetic
    ► 23:14 Renim – Ekte
    ► 32:19 Black Whale – Michael FK
    ► 37:58 Abandoned – AK
    ► 41:31 Fluctuate – Homeomorphic
    ► 44:50 Everbeat – Vik (Wiljan Edit) – Wiljan
    ► 47:43 Empty Frames – Weroh K
    ► 52:27 Aurora – Osk
    ► 57:24 Waiting – AK

    📷 Image author
    Anton Watman

    #AmbientMusic #RelaxMusic #ChilloutMusic

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