Supercar Music — Chillstep Mix — Golden Nights Playlist

    Driving can be nerve-racking at times, so how can we ease this tension?
    For some people that are accustomed to driving a car, it can be one of the most pleasant moments of the day. For others, anxiety creeps in whenever they have to return to the steering wheel. But whatever the type of person you are, science suggests something to help relieve the stress. That is, of course, listening to music while you’re driving. There are some guidelines, however – the music shouldn’t be too fast, it should evoke good emotions in you and it shouldn’t be distracting. Hereby we present to you our latest chillstep playlist.

    This mix feels like the speed of life. The tempo of the chillstep tracks presented here suits both a pedal to the metal drive through the night city and inspired hasteless creative work in the evening.

    Chillstep genre is all about this. It takes inspiration from dubstep, but is much more subdued and aimed at relaxation. Deep bass gives a solid foundation for a track and shuffled percussion constantly pushes everything forward. Tracks are often divided into 5 sections: long ambient intro, then ‘verse’ that introduces the main idea infused with bass wobbles, echoed vocals and glass sounds, followed by a bridge that turns the energy down to highlight the second ‘verse’ and then an outro.

    If you wanna learn what chillstep is all about then this playlist will be a good example.
    Sit back, relax and enjoy this luxurious music!

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    Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
    Style: Chillstep
    Mood: Inspiring, Smooth, Night
    Duration: One Hour
    Feature: Without Lyrics

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    🎧 Tracklist
    ► 00:00 Tim Schaufert – Beginnings
    ► 03:23 Victoriya – When I Met You
    ► 07:44 Bloom – Efflorescence
    ► 11:47 Oliver R – The Other Path I Didn’t Tread
    ► 15:12 VonnBoyd – Skeleton
    ► 20:09 Nomyn – Elusive
    ► 23:39 Wtrfall – Fire
    ► 26:27 Ecepta – Drowning
    ► 30:11 Oscuro – Lose Myself
    ► 33:57 Vonnboyd – Kindred
    ► 39:20 Linear Curb – Only You
    ► 43:06 Lowxy – Sense
    ► 46:16 Michael FK – On The Horizon
    ► 50:37 Venus Theory – All Was As It Were
    ► 54:16 Athene – Memories
    ► 59:29 Xample – Atlantis
    ► 1:02:53 Unvion – City Lights
    ► 1:06:26 Twisted Psykie, Liquid Universe – Daylight
    ► 1:12:47 Vesky – Lacuna

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