Five US tax myths for expats and nomads

    Let’s talk about US tax myths for expats and nomads that usually bring about a lot of confusion and uncertainty, even though they are myths.

    Here in Nomad Capitalist, we came to the conclusion that majority of people seeking our help are busy, successful, five or six-figure entrepreneurs.

    They may have read blogs or seen articles on our website about tax issues and renunciation, but might never have actually sat down with a professional to go over all of their questions.

    In this video, Andrew talks about some of the most popular myths about citizenship-based taxation for expats, digital nomads, and renunciants in the United States.

    So many people think that US citizens are not allowed to open offshore bank accounts or have multiple citizenships, when in fact, the opposite is true.

    Of course, you can to be familiar with the law and do everything within legal boundaries, but that doesn’t mean that you are forbidden from saving more of your money and going where you’re treated best.

    Maybe you believe in some of those myths yourself, and if so, you’re in the right spot to have them debunked.

    Feel free to go to our website and find out more on the topic by checking out this article:

    Stay tuned for more videos and information about second passports, offshore strategy, reducing your taxes and going where you’re treated best.


    Andrew Henderson travels to nearly 30 countries every year to stay up to date on the latest legal strategies for entrepreneurs and investors to pay less tax, grow their money faster, and build their personal freedom.

    Andrew started Nomad Capitalist to help people like you follow his five magic words: “go where you’re treated best”. He has personally started foreign companies, opened offshore bank accounts, and obtained multiple second passports.

    He also learned the hard way that perpetual information seeking is often the biggest barrier to getting the results you want. Many entrepreneurs spend months and even years constantly researching how to pay less in tax or live overseas, but are afraid to make the jump.

    As a result, they get stuck and keep paying a fortune in taxes and never get the lifestyle they deserve.

    Nomad Capitalist’s Youtube channel is based on Andrew’s vision that focusing on the end result, rather than the latest shiny object, is the best way to actually obtain the benefits of the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.

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